Monday, October 1, 2012

Magnificent Monday: 31 things in 31 days

Last Wednesday I gave you a challenge:  Here is a recap of that post...

31 things in 31 days

I want to give you a little pre-holiday season challenge...  I call it 31 things in 31 days.

If we begin October 1 and work through October 31 we can clear 31 unnecessary things out of our life within a short amount of time.  Here are the guidelines: 

       * Pick one thing every day that you haven't used in at least 6 months (unless it's seasonal). 

       * Determine if it can be recycled or repurposed.

       * Determine if it's in good enough condition to be donated to charity or to a clothes closet.

       * Determine if it holds sentimental value to you.

Once you've considered these things and you're convinced that you won't miss this item once it's gone... determine to get rid of it.

Here are some areas to consider:  toys, shoes, clothing, household decor, kitchen utensils and uni-taskers, odds and ends, extra car parts (am I the only lady that has these in the garage?), old coloring books that aren't used any more, books, furniture, kitchen dish ware.  

The list can be anything that gives you that feeling of frustration every time you have to move it out of the way, find a place to store it, haven't worn it for several months because it needs repair...

I try to get my husband and my family involved in this too.  What I find is that by November 1, when I'm starting to put out things for the holidays, my home is less cluttered and I feel more like celebrating the season at hand, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it!

That being said, my New Week Magnificent Monday Resolution is to get rid of one thing every day this week.  

31 things in 31 days?  Can you do it?  Together we can achieve our goals!  

Let's replace negative clutter with positive organization!

Together we live...

Only By His Grace,


If you want to participate with me, leave a comment and we'll share updates of our progress!

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