Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's almost No Buying Season...

What is No Buying Season?  You might ask...

Well let me explain our family a little bit.  We give our kiddos a set allowance.  It's not a large allowance, but it's enough that they can save for the things they want and still not go overboard.  So for Austin that's $5.00 per week, for Kayla that's $7.00 per week.  They have to put some back for savings, some back for charity or tithe, and the rest is theirs to spend at will.

However, we have a pretty extensive family and during the fall and winter months with birthdays and holidays all rolled into one big season, it becomes increasing difficult for others to buy gifts for the kiddos when they are already out spending all their dough on the things they want.

So every year starting October 1 - mid February, we declare it NO BUYING SEASON.  If we are out and about and the kids see something they want, it goes on a gifts list that we can then share with others.  The kiddos get to save up their money for events like skating parties or concerts, gifts for others or just plain save it back for a rainy day!

They don't miss it, really.  In fact, they get a little excited at the thought that someone else might buy this wonderful thing for them... AND they get to keep their money!

We try to maintain a healthy balance around here - and we do it...

Only By His Grace,


Do You give your kiddos an allowance?
Do you celebrate a No Buying Season, too?  What does that look like for your family?  How has it impacted you?

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