Meet Billie

Hello Friends!  I'm so glad you decided to stop by for a visit.

I'm a 40-something mother of two busy kiddos, and wife to one wonderful husband for the last 21+years.  At the age of 38 we had officially been married for 1/2 our lives.  That's pretty cool!  I can definitely say the second half of my life has been far better than the first.

I work outside the home approximately 20 - 30 hours per week.  The rest of my time I indulge in my greatest keeping, organizing, and blogging.  

My passion is to help improve your quality of life.  That doesn't always involve money or the latest-and-greatest gadget.  Sometimes it simply involves rearranging your furniture or decluttering a cabinet.  I've found that the smallest changes can have the greatest impact.

I invite you to follow along as I show you how I clean my home naturally and with non-toxic, organic cleaners.  Hopefully you'll gain some useful tips and tricks for organizing along the way.  Maybe you'll just get encouragement, or inspiration.  But I hope that you will find something to take away; something that will help you ease your daily routine, or help you tweak it just a little bit for the better.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog.  You can subscribe by email, you can bookmark the page, you can add this blog to your RSS feed, or you can simple become a follower.  However you choose to join me,  I'm so glad you're here.  And if you're a random passerby, I'm so glad you came !  I love visitors :)

Email me with questions if you like:  I look forward to sharing this journey called life with you.

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