Friday, November 8, 2013

Season of Gratitude...

I have developed an obsession for flax seeds, of late.  I bought a cereal containing these little tasties, and I was hooked.  Then, like the leaves in autumn, my favorite cereal was gone...discontinued...forever.  {sigh}

Not being one to let a little thing like my favorite cereal being discontinued keep my down, I started testing and trying out my own concoctions.  I'm not completely there, yet, but I have found a pretty close substitute.

We have a natural whole food grocer three doors down from my son's Karate class.  One night I wandered in and what to my wondering eyes should appear but WHOLE flax seeds!  Not ground, not crushed, not powdered....WHOLE!  Angels sang the Hallelujah chorus right there in Rainbow Blossom!

They also have a preservative-free, all natural peach instant oatmeal.  I mix the oatmeal according to package directions and add in a smidge of vanilla and a teaspoon of WHOLE flax seeds.... I'm a happy girl!  Yumma-do-da-day!  

Today, I am thankful for my favorite cereal, for natural peach oatmeal and for WHOLE flax seeds.

Do you have a healthy obsession?

Only By His Grace,


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