Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Season of Gratitude...

I know this may be silly, but I am thankful for Martha Stewart.  Please, do not misunderstand me.  I love Martha Stewart.  I am honestly inspired by her, and in awe of what she has created from her vast knowledge of homemaking.  

When Lovie and I first married, I learned so much from her TV series Martha Stewart Living.  That is where I learned to bake cookies and make stews, where I learned to fold a fitted sheet and all the important little details about Depression Glass.  It is where I first learned to decorate a dinner table, and how important it is that everyone feel welcome.

One thing I also learned from my hours watching Martha Stewart is that I didn't have to pressure myself to be perfect.  Oh, the inclination was there.  The desire to keep up with Martha was there.  But then I realized, my stew doesn't have to be made from vegetables I grew in my own garden.  My fitted sheets don't have to folded "perfectly," I can own one heirloom piece of Depression Glass that belonged to my husband's grandmother; I do not have to be a collector.  I can bake cookies with my children from a mix - and my children don't care...they just love baking cookies with me :)

So today, as Thanksgiving approaches and I begin making my never-ending lists, dreaming up seating arrangements, tablescapes and side dishes, I am thankful for Martha Stewart.  She taught me so much in my younger years.  She has created for herself a legacy.

I, too, can create for myself a legacy.  Only mine will be filled with memories and traditions I have created out of time spent with my kiddos...not hours making sure everything is perfect.

Only By His Grace,


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