Monday, November 4, 2013

Season of Gratitude...

I am so blessed by the fact that I am transformed by the renewing of my mind and that I no longer have to conform to the world's way of thinking.  What do I mean?  Like most everyone else I know, I used to hate Monday morning -- well, Monday in general to be more specific.

Then, about a year ago, I had to have a good stern talk with myself.  "Self," I said, "Monday comes around every single week.  You can learn to like it or you can suffer through it.  Which do you choose?"  Man, what a harsh reality.  

Truth is, we can't make Mondays go away.  So why not make the best of them?  A couple of years ago I started making New Month Resolutions... must like the proverbial New Year's Resolution, only I gave myself a reset every 1st of each month.  WOW!  What a difference that made.  If I felt as if I had failed, or dropped the ball, or gave up too easily, I knew I had a reset coming in a few short weeks.  It was life-changing!

So I adopted the thought for Mondays as well.  Instead of thinking, "UGH!  It's Monday again...." think of it this way:  Monday is the beginning of a whole new week.  It's the first day of a week full of potential and possibility.  Last week's failures and mishaps are behind you, the things you wish you could have done, you now have another opportunity to do.

Mondays... yeah, I'm pretty grateful!

Only By His Grace,


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