Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creature of Habit...

I have a cleaning routine that I try to follow every week.  It's my sanity schedule.  

Because I work out of the home three days a week I have to try to keep my housekeeping chores on schedule. 

Here's my weekly checklist, and how I keep myself from going absolutely bonkers over it!  I break it into two days; Monday and Wednesday.  These are the two days I'm home and the kiddos are at school, so I have plenty of peace and quiet while I'm working.

I work this task list every Monday - unless something come up that I cannot reschedule.

 Then on Wednesday I finish the other two levels of the house.  If something comes up, at least I know that the main floor -- which is the floor everyone sees -- is presentable and clean.

I know this may seem like a lot of housework, but for me, if my house is out of control, I feel out of control.  If my house is up to par I feel like I can take on anything else thrown my way.

So -- what about life?  What happens when life gets in the way of my routine?  Well, then I work a room at a time until the two lists together are done.  Some nights I clean the powder room while the kiddos do homework. Sometimes I hold the baseboard and window blinds because no one really notices them anyway.

What if we have sudden house guests?  Well, then I enlist the help of my little people.  They get to work picking up the play area of the basement and I work getting the family room and guest area in check. 

I guess I would sum it up by saying that when you plan the work and work the plan, it all becomes maintenance.  You're never too far behind that you can't catch up in just a few days of good strong effort.

I also make sure the following things are done every day.  That's right, every day -- if at all possible.

1) Dishes are done and put away
2) Any clean laundry is in the right room and either put away, or waiting to be put away.
3) The majority of the household clutter, i.e. kids' toys, my knitting, reading materials, computer paraphenalia are tidied up or stowed in their respectful homes.

That way, if things are put away and tidy, the house cleaning chores can be done more efficiently - leaving more time for family fun and making lasting memories!

I always remember to follow these lists...

Only By  His Grace,


Are you a creature of habit?  Do you have a cleaning routine?

Watch for Magnificent Monday!  It's coming!

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