Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quick thank you

Hey Everyone... I just wanted to say a big giant Thank You to everyone!

As you know I'm trying to get 50 followers by November 1.

Today I did a total and you have helped me get to 18.  Now, if you look at the "followers" section on the blog, you'll only see 11.  But I have a few people who have told me via email that they have added me to their RSS feed.  I count them as followers :)  Thank you!

I also have a couple friends who just wanted to add me to their shortcuts or to their bookmarks.  I'll take that, too.  Thank you!

So I just wanted to say one big giant thank you for all your help... I can't wait to see which of you lucky folks will win the prizes!  Remember to tell your friends... I know that together we can make it!

Thank you so much!

I do what I do...

Only By His Grace,


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