Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brinkley is my...

FISH!  You thought I was gonna say "dog."  Go on, admit it!  You've watched that movie way too many times, too!  It's okay to admit your obsession... I've seen it over 40 times!  

Brinkley is my fish... a few months back I was cooking dinner when the though occurred to me how much I would enjoy having a fish... I'm not great with animals like some people are, especially with aquatic ones.  So I did a little online research and discovered that Beta fish don't need filtration systems, they breathe air from the surface.  How cool is that?
Maybe I could make this work!

So the first thing I did was buy the cutest Goodwill vase I could find!  Yep, a Goodwill vase.  I wasn't willing to spend more for the container than for the actual fish!  That would be silly of me!  Besides, I'm a cheap-o!

So I bought the vase, gave it a good cleaning, and the next day we went to the pet store and I adopted my fish:  Brinkley.  Now, Brinkley isn't as loving as I'd hoped.  He's not much of a lap fish...he doesn't like to be petted... he just wants me to feed him and clean his vase every week.  That's all he expects from me.  And all I expect from him is to swim around and keep me company while I make dinner.  It's a relationship we both agree to!

Every Saturday, Brinkley expects me to clean his vase.  It takes me about 5 minutes.  Here's how I keep Mr. Brinkley happy and healthy!

This is Brinkley in his vase - prior to the 5 minute cleaning 
(excuse the photos...something was awry.)

Every Saturday I use 2 items: a turkey baster (only use this for Brinkley..not my food)
and a pair of ice tongs that never ever get used.

The Water gets siphoned out with the turkey baster,
all the rocks come out using the ice tongs,
then Brinkley gets relocated to a little green dish.

I keep a gallon jug of conditioned water in my pantry at all times so I can refill his vase immediately after cleaning and I don't have to wait for the conditioner to work.  It also stays at room temperature -- which is optimal for Brinkley's happiness and wellbeing. 

So the rocks get washed with Basic H because it's all natural and organic and safe for Mr. Brinkley. One drop is all you need.  The rocks get rinsed and put back in.  The container gets refilled with his conditioned water and then back in he goes.  

See how happy he is?  He's waving at you!

And then back to the baker's rack where he can see everything that goes on.  Brinkley is a secret agent, a spy, you see.  He tells me everything I need to know about the goings on of the day while I'm gone.  (Okay, so a girl can dream, can't she?)

Do you have pets?  Do you know that Basic H is a healthy, all natural alternative to some of the products you may be using?

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