Thursday, September 27, 2012

Join the Ranks...

Hey Everybody, I just got a notice from a friend who asked if I saw that she had signed up to follow my blog via email.  Well, I don't get notices about that.  So if you signed up via email and didn't leave me a comment, I probably missed you.  You can leave a comment below, or on Facebook and I'll get you added to the ranks.

Here's my list so far (first names only)
1- Jennifer M
2- Anna
3- Linda @ coastal charm
4- Jessica H
5 - Cindy B
6- Di R
7- Marsha L
8- Bonnie D
9- Susana G
10- Valerie W
11- Shaun W
12- Mandi A
13- Janet H
14 - I heart my crazy...
15- Jen M
16 - Becky S
17 - Sara
18 - Leah V
19 - Michelle (email)
20 - Esther B
21- Kennet D (email)
22- Dawn V (email)
23- Anonymous (if you win, I'll just post it here and wait for you to contact me)

If I've missed anyone, please know it was NOT intentional.  I really want everyone to have a chance to win.  Some of these sweet ladies have multiple chances to win.

So, if I've missed you, PLEASE let me know.  I don't want to overlook anybody!

Only By His AMAZING Grace,

There are three ways to enter to either of these 
fun prize packages.

1) become a follower of this blog. Just use the "follow" link in the right side bar. (one entry)

2) leave a comment letting me know you've followed this blog - 
either by "following" or by email notifications. (two entries)  
If you follow by email notifications leaving a comment is the only way I'll know you've signed up to follow.

3) Place a link back to this give-away on your blog, and leave a comment 
letting me know you've done so. (three entries)

Starting tonight, I'm adding a couple bonus entries.  If you're already added to my list you can still do the following... just let me know and I'll add to your tally.

If you post about this giveaway on your FACEBOOK page, you get an additional entry!  But you gotta let me know you've hyped it.

Second bonus: My sweet friend Cindy B is also trying to reach 50 followers.  If you check out her blog and follow her as well, you get an additional entry. She is the sweetest homeschool mom around!  And her blog is such an inspiration! Her blog is

Altogether that's 5 chances to win.  That's quite a bundle of opportunity, folks!

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