Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: I love Fall

This week my resolution was to make most of our dinners at home - planning my meals and taking advantage of my slow cooker.  It's going great!  I'm using my slow cooker most nights because this is a crazy busy week (Again, right!) And I'm repurposing some of those meals to re-create new meals.  That's another post, though.

This week I feel I'm behind.  Usually by now I've already decided on my Christmas decor.  I have so much Christmas decor I start decorating on November 1!

This year, though, I'm just now planning out my Thanksgiving decor!  I've got to get on it!  I love this beautiful time of year!  It reminds me of the scripture, "He gives beauty for ashes."  This time of year everything is dying out and going into hibernation, yet it is such a glorious, beautiful time of year.

I'll get around to all my decorating...and I won't be a minute late.  In the mean time, here are the things that inspire me!

Enjoy the eye candy!

Only By His Grace,


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 Home Trend Design

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Home Trend Design

What are YOUR decorating traditions for fall and winter?  I'd love to know...

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