Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleaning the Fridge...A Call to Arms.

Alright Cleaning Moms... This is your Call To Arms!

I love a clean refrigerator.  I HATE a smelly one!  Sometimes I open the door, and wham! "What was that?" hits me right in the nose!  I have used many products to clean my refrigerator, but now only use one - Basic H.  It's safe around food supplies, it's all natural and non-toxic, and I don't have to worry about what happens after I close the door.

Here's where I started today:  Outdated eggs, a few pieces of rotten fruit, a couple old slices of pizza that had fallen behind the shelves and below the crisper drawer... EWWWW!

The door wasn't any better:  Salad dressings mixed with the jellies, pickles where the juice boxes should be.  It was disorganization at its finest.

First empty out that fridge.

Group like items together so you can re-stock your clean refrigerator in an organized manor.  (Can anyone explain to me why I had two identical opened items in there?)

Combine any duplicates if necessary. 

Then grab your Basic H all purpose cleaner and a micro fiber cloth... Ready, Set, Clean!
Clean your shelves, the walls, the drawers, shelves -- every nook and cranny.  But don't worry!  Basic H is safe around food supplies!  

After you have your compartments all nice and clean and your items all nice and organized, start restocking your fridge:

Fruits and veggies in the crisper drawer.  I line mine with non-slip shelf liner.  It keeps fruits and veggies from rolling around and getting bruised.

Cheese and lunch meats in one drawer.  I keep a seperate bin in my drawer to keep the cheese separate from the lunch meat. 

 Finally, I pull a week's worth of meat from my chest freezer and put it in the meat drawer to thaw.  It's ready when I am!

Restock that door keeping like-items together as much as possible.

And finally, restock those shelves.  I like to keep dairy products together, left overs together and drink items together.

One added money-saving tip:  I used to store all my left overs together in the fridge.  But I found that I kept forgetting they were in there.  I was throwing out WAY too much food.

Every night while we're cleaning up after dinner, I separate our leftovers into lunch sized portions and store them for easy grab and go lunches for work and school.  Instead of one large container of soup I choose to store two small self-sized portions.

Everything is nice and organized.  The fridge is clean and food safe.  No more nasty stench.  And mama is a happy camper!

Happy fridge cleaning!  Go tackle those messes!

Only By His Grace,


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