Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wonderful Wedesday: What if...

If you joined me for Magnificent Monday, you would know that my New Week's Resolution this week is in correspondence to 31 things in 31 days.  My resolution is to get rid of one unnecessary thing every day this week.

It's really caused me to do some thoughtful consideration of what is useful, beautiful and loved in my home...and to reconsider what is absolutely unnecessary.

 Do you ever feel like a fish out of water?  A fish out of a water at
 work... A fish out of water at home...

I call this the displaced person syndrome.  There are many times when I feel this way.  Every time I start to feel out of sorts with my surroundings, I stop and ask myself, "What is it that is making me feel this way?"

             Q:  Am I too busy this week?  Have I agreed to too much?

             Q: Am I resting?

             Q:  Have I neglected my time with the Lord?

             Q:  Have I forgotten to update my calendar?

             Q:  What's the condition of my surroundings?

Many times, what I want from my life, an organized place to work, a home that is a place of respite, are not in harmony with my life. When I find that things are out of balance it causes stress in my life, my work and my family!

One thing I hate is that old saying, "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!"  Pft!  Who says that's allowed?  Yet, I find myself reacting to situations and stressors rather than addressing the issue at hand.

If that is true for you ask yourself these questions:

             1) If I were organized, I could accomplish _________________________.

             2) If my home were clean and clutter free, would it change my efficiency?
                 Would it decrease my stress?

             3) Is my home a reflection of my goals and plans AND is the atmosphere in my home
                 a reflection of my savior's love?

Allow me to give you some practical encouragement:

             1) Spend 5-10 minutes picking up visual clutter.    This is the perfect activity to draft little
                 helpers.  Set a timer for 10 minutes...have them put on their imaginary speedy shoes and
                 super speedy capes and see how much clutter they can put away in 10 minutes.  Know what
                 I've found?  2 little people can clear clutter from 1,000 square feet in 10 minutes. Try it!
                 It really works!  Enlist help when you need it!

            2) Change the way you think about things:  Don't think of that impossible task as impossible.
                Instead, tell yourself, "I'm going to start on ___________________ and work for 10
                minutes."  What I've found is that I'm 30 - 40 minutes in before I realize 10 minutes has
                passed...and then before you know it, I'm either done, or I've made an enormous dent in that
                "impossible task" and suddenly it's not so impossible anymore.

            3) Get ready for work or the next day, the night before.  Setting out my clothes the night before,
                often times 2 outfits in case I'm not in the mood for those pants, or that blouse, saves me
                about 30 minutes in the morning.  Also, getting my laptop bag together helps as well.  There's
                nothing that causes a stressful morning more than NOT being able to locate the laptop
                charger on your way to work!

            4) Spend time cultivating your relationship with the Lord.  If my relationship with God is out of
                sync, everything else starts to take precedence and things get out of balance fast!  Before you
                know it, my house is the focus of my day, my work is the focus of my day, the clutter is the
                focus of my day, and I turn into a grumpy person to my kiddos and my husband.

I hope that thinking through these questions and tips will help you alleviate some of the stressors from your life.  Keeping things in balance is hard to do, but when we put the emotions on the back burner, think things through and and ask for help when needed, things start to balance out in no time at all!

Blessings to you this week!

Only By His Grace,


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