Monday, October 8, 2012

Magnificent Monday: Continuing 31 things in 31 days

Have you been de-cluttering along with me?  Have you been focusing on one room, one drawer, one closet or the whole house?

I went through my house room by room starting last January and got rid of everything I didn't 1) use, 2) love, or 3) held sentimental value.

To be honest, I stored it all in my 500 square foot storage space in our basement hoping for a yard sale that never seemed to come...  Eventually, it got donated or sold on Craig's list... 

Now, as I do my regular cleaning each week, I find that I still come across those items that make me wonder, "Why am I holding on to this???"

Last week we initiated 31 things in 31 days!  I'm getting rid of one thing per day throughout October so that when I start decorating for the holidays in November I won't be overwhelmed by the chaos!

This week's New Week's resolution is to continue my progress!  I will continue to choose one un-needed item each day to donate, recycle or repurpose!

Here are the items I chose to part with last week.

Monday:  Two old pillows that came with our basement sofa.  We don't like the color, they went flat... we just didn't use them or love them.  Good bye! These items were donated.

Tuesday: My $5.00 rooster.  I bought him on consignment.  Couldn't believe he was $5.00 until I got him home and realized his back tail feather was busted off.  He had to face the wall so no one would see his broken behind...   Always frustrated me.  Good bye!  He was donated.

  Wednesday: Two little baskets.  They were too small to be of any purpose and were just not suited to my decor any longer.  Good bye!  They were donated!

Thursday:  Ahh, yes... the leopard print placemats.  Can't imagine what I was thinking!  These items were donated.

Friday: A flower pot that is over 15 years old.  Doesn't have drain holes so any plant I put in it dies.  Hmmm.  Why am I keeping this, again?  Oh, that's right!  I'm not!  This item is resin, so it was recycled.

Saturday: The strawberry tea jug.  Let's see... I think I used it the day I bought it and it's been under my cabinet every day since.  It was glass and plastic, so this item was recycled.

Sunday: The silk ivy... I don't have time to dust all of these leaves... They drove me bonkers being dirty.  This item was donated!

And to start my week off right:  Today I'm getting rid of my Mrs. Tea for Two.  Remember those from back in the day?  Yes, it's quaint, but honestly... I'm a coffee addict.  I don't do tea enough to get out this little dandy, and if I had to dig it out ever time I wanted tea...well... I'd just get over it and move on!
This item works fine!  It is being donated!

I hope that you're doing well de-cluttering your life and your home.  What all are you shedding?  I'd love to know how it's going!

We live and survive, 

Only By His Grace,


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