Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creative Fun: Fall Festival Costume

What do you get when you mix

a $1.00 hat from Walgreens

a $2.00 shirt from GoodWill

and a $3.00 curtain panel from GoodWill?

Let me show you...

Step one, cut the back out of the shirt and hot glue it around the hat.  Cut a band out of the remaining arm sleeve fabric and add it around the base of the hat.

Step Two, cut out "legs," "bib," and "back" for overalls (I just eyeballed - I didn't have a pattern)

 I cut the shirt pocket off and sewed it directly to the bib front... 
What's a pair of overalls without a pocket on the bib?

I purchased a set of overall buckles at Wal-Mart for $1.75

Sew right sides together, sew front and back to the pants, finish edges, add buckles...

Try them on and see how much you have to hem the pants...

Print out a RR Crossing symbol from the internet, create a "Conductor" plaque
hot glue them to the hat...

$6.00 and 2 hours later and you've transformed a hat, a shirt and a curtain into the cutest TRAIN CONDUCTOR this mama's ever seen!

Happy Fall Festival, y'all!

Only By His Grace,


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