Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fancy Pants Before and Afters...

Do you hate scrubbing off that baked on, caked on, need a chisel to remove it gunk that accumulates under your stove top?

Check out what I found while cleaning mine...  Warning: these images may be disturbing to some viewers! ( ha ha)

I'm sorry you had to witness that... I know it's terrible.  Let me explain this a little.  There is popcorn, dried up, crusted on baked ziti, a mystery spill, and black gunky stuff on my burners.  This does not make me a happy camper!  I like clean!  This is NOT clean!

So what's a Shaklee girl to do?  I armed myself with my trusty side-kicks Basic H and Scour off!

I sprayed on the Basic H (degreaser formula), I waited 5 minutes and wiped it with a wet sponge.  Almost good as new! Nice and sparkly!

While I was waiting for my degreaser to do all the hard work for me, I put my burners in a Basic H bath.  Ahh... nice and bubbly.  What girl, uh burner, doesn't like a nice relaxing bubble bath?

I just ran my kitchen sink full of hot water (as hot as I could get) and put in 1 tsp on Basic H!  While those were soaking their cares away, I went back and finished wiping up the stove top.

When I pulled my burners out of the bath, they still had a little baked on stuff around the ignitors.  (This is the funny part)  I got out my Scour off and started scrubbing away...but DRAT that stuff wouldn't come off.

Wanna know why?  It was heat damage from the ignitors!  It wasn't dirt at all!  Shaklee worked it's magic again!

Two little products and ten minutes of my time... a nice clean underneath to my stove top...

Now I can sleep peacefully knowing that nasty little job is done.

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Until next time,

Only By His Grace,


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