Sunday, October 28, 2012

11 days until the giveaway...

Just a quick update about the giveaway... I am extending the entry by one week.  Instead of the drawing being held on November 1, I will be drawing on November 8.  My son is having surgery on November 1, and I'm afraid I'll forget to draw, or announce the winner.  This gives you an extra week to enter, and to tell your friends.

So far I have 29 people entered for the giveaway.  I would love to have 50 followers by November 8.  I certainly hope we can get there together.

The two prize packages are awaiting two lucky readers.  I hope one of them is you!  I truly want you all to win!  I wish I could deliver a prize to each of you - because you are all winners to me, and because your friendship is my prize!

Thank you for following, bookmarking, joining by email or adding me to your RSS feed.

I have added a few extra little goodies to the prize packages -- but I'm keeping that a secret for the winners.

Here are the packages again... just in case you wanna get in on the action.

Grand Prize package contains:

 Always Anna Crocodile Note Cards

These note cards are white with pink envelopes and black with green envelopes,
 embossed to resemble crocodile hide.  Very Cute!

Pumpkin Spice candle.  Smells so much like fall, you won't believe it! 

A sample size of Basic H cleaner and a bottle to mix it in. 
You won't believe this product!  A-mazing!

Two Chocolate Cinch Shakes!  Yummy!

Two Cinch decadence chocolate, one peanut butter crunch.. 
perfect for a quick breakfast

 All packaged in a sweet little fall bread basket...perfect for your Thanksgiving table!

Second Prize package contains:

30 dinner-sized fall-themed paper plates.  Great for snacks for those fall gatherings.

30 dessert / snack sized- fall themed paper plates.  
Yummy autumnal desserts would be so festive served on these!

Two chocolate cinch shakes, 2 cinch energy teas and one lemon-cranberry cinch bar.
Great for breakfasts, a quick lunch on the go, or whenever you need a quick energy boost.  

 This prize also contains a sample size of Basic H cleaner and a spray bottle for mixing!

All packaged in this sweet green-lined bread basket - perfect for fall gatherings, 
or your Thanksgiving table.

I hope you'll join the fun. You can enter several ways:

1) Become a follower 
(nothing will happen to you, your info won't be sold to the highest bidder, 
and I won't spam you, promise!)

2) Follow by email
You'll get updates in your email inbox - but that's all you'll get.  
You just have to let me know by leaving a comment below.

3) Post about this giveaway in your blog or your FACEBOOK page.
Let me know you're sharing the info and I'll add you to the list - if you've
already entered and you post about this on Facebook, let me know, that's another entry.

Come join the fun... somebody's gonna might as well be you!

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