Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sometimes is about moving what you have...

I thought I'd talk to you today about using what you have.  You've organized your pantry, your laundry room, your junk drawer and your linen closet.  You've sorted through baskets and bins, closets and drawers.  

Sometimes, even after all the work, you just don't feel that different.  Well, I started thinking about what organizing your home does for you: It gives you a fresh start!

That's when it occurred to me, that sometimes we need to SEE that fresh start.  We need to see what it is we've worked so hard to accomplish.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about re-arranging your furniture.  No, it might not be an organizational tool, per se, but it really can give you a new perspective and outlook.

I didn't rearrange all of my furniture and take photos for you - sorry to say.  But what I did do was use my room arranger software to give you some examples of what a new approach can mean to your family.

Here is what our great room looks like right now:
The sofa faces the fireplace but the television is still in sight. We have seating for 8 people, and can pull in additional seating for 6 from the adjacent breakfast area.

 Here are a couple of other options:  These are also very good for conversation and family time together.  We've used these both as well.

One of my favorite options, however, is one I've only used once or twice.  This option places our sofa in the far corner, facing toward the opening of the room.  It makes the room very inviting, and it feels so huge when the furniture is placed this way.

My point to you is this:  Use what you have.  Think outside the box!  For instance, I have a bookshelf in my front family room.  It holds 6 baskets for organizing school supplies, office supplies, greeting cards, electronics charges, etc.  This has stopped working for me!  It's NOT staying organized.  So I'm thinking of using my son's dresser instead.  He's ready for new bedroom furniture, and I hate to part with the piece he has now.  So I'm going to think outside the organization box and repurpose his dresser.  

Sometimes all you need for a fresh start is to make it look and feel like a fresh start!

Only By His Grace,


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