Sunday, January 20, 2013

Organized emergency kit

Today I'm going to talk about organization in preparedness.  If you have kiddos this is an important post!  With winter weather here and going strong, it is a good idea to prepare and package a car emergency kit...just in case!

Where we live, it's rare we get snow that would trap us in our vehicle, but it's always better safe than sorry.  Here is what I keep in the car just in case I'm out with my kiddos and something unexpected happens.

In one medium sized bin, much like the one above I keep the following items:

Extra socks and warm gloves will help keep extremities safe from freezing temperatures or if you have to get out to shovel snow. 

Emergency blankets or small fleece throws help to keep you warm as temperatures start to drop.  Emergency blankets can be purchased in camping stores and believe it or not, the fleece blankets can be purchased at Wal-mart for as little as $2.88 each.

One large candle in a coffee can when lit can provide enough heat to keep the temperatures above freezing inside a vehicle.  Remember to keep matches in a zip-top bag to avoid them gathering moisture.

Staying hydrated is very important!  Keeping disposable water bottles is a good was to get started.  But keeping re-usable filter bottles is also smart.  Keep a small sauce pan in your trunk could also come in handy.  If you are in need of water, you can melt snow in your little pan, over your large candle, and then filter the water in your bottle.  I know it sounds extreme, but if you were trapped in a vehicle, it would be imperative! 

Extra boots are great in case you have to get out to shovel, but if you don't have extra boots to spare, trash bags are a great substitute.  They keep your feet dry, can be pulled up as high as needed to keep pants dry, and they work to insulate your body and keep you warmer.

Let's talk about a few smart items to keep as well.  How about a red ribbon or piece of an old T-shirt?  Any bright color will do as long as it's visible against a dark night sky and white snow.

A solar powered cell phone charger could come in very handy.  I hear they charge very slowly, but a slow charging phone is better than a dead phone.  These are available in multiple online sites - just check your search engine.

You can go a few days without food, but why would you if you didn't have to?  I don't recommend high sugar snacks like granola bars or empty carbs like snack chips.  But peanut butter crackers, energy bars, raisins, trail mix are all great options when you're trapped for a couple hours or a couple days.

A snow shovel or kitty litter will help you to get out of a snow bank, or provide traction on an icy patch.

These are just a few of the items I keep handy this time of year.  I've never needed them yet, but you never know when disaster might strike.

If you keep them organized in a bin or box you can keep them in your trunk or back of the mini-van.  

Keeping you safe while organizing your life...

Only By His Grace,


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