Friday, January 18, 2013

Little changes for living spaces

You've been working hard at purging and donating - hopefully you've gotten rid of a few things in the process.

Today, let's take it down a notch and talk about the every day areas of your home!  Let's talk about your living room!

Parents with small children know that toys, crayons and kid stuff can get strewn around the room in a matter of minutes.

Here are a few solutions I have to offer.  Photos have been borrowed from fellow bloggers.  These are real solutions, folks!

First, use baskets!  My son loves Legos...but I hate them all over the floor!  So we compromised.  He gets to keep them in the living room - but when it's time to put them away, they go in the basket!  At least that way they don't get sucked into the vacuum!

Amanda Carol at Home
Baskets are great organizational tools for things like reading materials and hobbies as well.  We have two baskets under our coffee table:  one for books and magazines we're currently reading, and one for my knitting supplies.  Once my knitting fetish has passed, I plan to replace my yarn and needles for board games and cards!  These items are at the ready when wanted, but tucked out of sight when not!

Do you have a sofa table behind your couch?  What about swapping it out for an inexpensive book case?  Place baskets on the shelves and store the kids toys in them.  The kids can get to them, but you look super-organized when guests stop by for an unexpected visit!

What about remotes?  Ahhhh... I know, this one can be a battle of the sexes.  A small tray on a side table can keep them under control, a drawer, or another small basket works well too.  

Pillows:  I find that three pillows on a sofa are enough.  Currently I have four, but one is just a splash of color.  The other three are off white.   Larger sofas and sectionals can handle up to 5 - but keep it manageable.

Blankets and throws:  I know, it's cold outside, and it's always nice to snuggle up under a nice cozy throw.  When you're done, fold it up and drape it neatly over the back or arm of the sofa.  Or, if you have multiple throws for multiple people in your family, a small storage ottoman or lidded box keeps these items tidy and accessible.  

Why not spend a few minutes today assessing your living room or family room.  See what action you can take today to make your area more organized and tidy.

Let me know how it goes!  I want to hear how you're doing! 

Only By His Grace,


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