Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How do I get rid of all this stuff?

Reduce-- Reuse -- Recycle

Today we're going to address a few specific areas you're probably wondering about.  There are ways to get rid of unnecessary items, and things you need to know about each.

Let's start with magazines and newspapers.
If it's more than a month old, get rid of it!  If there are articles you need to read, then read them, or tear them out and save them in a specific reading basket for later.  Best yet, read them online!  Most newspapers have online editions as well.  After you've decided to get rid of them, recycle them!  Most Fire Departments can tell you where you can recycle these items free of charge!  Get rid of it!  

Out of Date Technology:  I'm not talking about last year's laptop, or the ipad1.  These things are still usable.  I'm talking about that monitor you've had stored in the basement for the past decade!  It needs to go!   There are places all around that can help you recycle these items.  Please be sure to use discretion.  Most hard drives on old computers should be professionally wiped clean so your information stays private.  After that, find out how to recycle these items as well!  Our landfills are overflowing with items that could have been recycled.

Expired medications:  Most pharmacies can give you information about the safest way to dispose of medications. You CAN NOT flush them, pour them down the drain, or throw them away!  These items end up in our water supply and is very bad for the environment.  Ask your pharmacy how to safely dispose of out dated medication.

Cosmetics and Hair supplies:  Shampoos and conditioners as well as cosmetics expire as well.  Truth is, you only need one of these items.  Use all of the shampoo and conditioner in your shower before you open a new bottle.  Otherwise, you may allow such items to go bad and they will lose their effectiveness!  This goes for cosmetics, as well.  Foundations, mascaras and lipsticks all go bad!  Make sure you're cosmetics are fresh, and throw away everything you haven't used in 3 months!

Now that you're getting a good start throwing out those unnecessary items, make sure use black trash bags - not ones you can see through.  Out of sight is out of mind.  Once it goes in the bag, it doesn't come back out!

Which room are you working on first?  Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage room?  If these rooms are too overwhelming to begin with, start with a closet, or your pantry, or a cabinet or drawer.  Just get started!  You've come too far in your decision to turn back now!

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