Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organized Laundry Room...

I realize how blessed I am to have a laundry room.  It truly is one of my tangible blessings.  In our 21 years of marriage we've lived in apartments with no laundry facilities, a small house with laundry room / pantry combo, a laundry closet... and now, I have a laundry room...small, but very efficient.  I posted about it and my laundry rules here.

Whether or not you have a large laundry area or a small closet, organization is key!  I find it nearly impossible to enjoy my laundry if my laundry area is a disaster.  Even if your laundry is in a dark, damp unfinished basement area, organization is key!  You can always add colorful rugs, paint shelving, pretty up your space with baskets or colorful bins.  But organization is goal #1.

For my laundry room I have several things that are a must.
     1 small laundry basket for spare items I find lying around the house.  
     1 small basket for items to take to Goodwill.  
     A small table that doubles as an ironing station and decor.  
     A clean floor and a trash can.
     A hanging rod for drying damp clothes, and freshly ironed clothes.
     The most important item to me, though, is organized cabinets.

This is the before photo of my storage cabinet.  Top shelf holds a basket for sunscreen and aloe, and my extra hand soaps.  The middle shelf holds a my sewing basket and extra hand towels for the powder room.  The bottom shelf is for our "medicine" basket. As you can see, our cup overflows...

Step one was to tackle the sunscreen basket.  So many of those bottles were expired or empty.  Now it's stocked and ready to go.  My hand soaps, as you can see are nice and tidy.  Next I organized my sewing basket.  I posted about that a couple of days ago; Little Areas of Frustration.  Lastly, I went through our OTC meds with a fine-toothed comb, making sure everything was up to date, that old medications were disposed of properly, and stray bandages were all combined.  Much better, don't you agree?

The second cabinet is my laundry cabinet. Top basket holds my microfiber cloths.  Top shelf holds peroxide (for stains), scotch guard, disinfectant wipes, and pre-treat spray.  Shelf number two has my cleaning basket, my laundry detergent, fabric softener, Nature Bright and my ironing supplies.  Cabinet organization makes my task much simpler.

What areas in your laundry area do you need to tackle or reinvent?  You can make even the dullest of spaces a bit brighter and easier to be in, if you apply a little organization!

Only By His Grace,


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