Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Linens...and other mismatched things...

You're doing great!  I know it's been a process - and probably an emotional one, at times.  But you're making progress.  Little by little you're creating more space and more organization for yourself and your family!

Today I'm talking to you about your linen closet.  Or your linen chest, or your drawers, or that under-the-bed storage box where you keep your extra sheets and blankets.

Does your linen closet look like this?

Do you wish it looked more like this?

Which closet gives you a sense of "ahhhhhh?"
You can create that feeling in YOUR home, today!  It will only take you about 30 minutes - probably less.

First empty out your linen closet, wipe down those shelves, vacuum the floor and get it good and ready for your newly organized belongings.

Once everything is out of the closet, put items together by type: bed sheets together, towels together, etc.

In my linen closet I have the following items: quilts and blankets, duvets, beach towels, bathroom rugs, twin sheet sets, queen sheet sets.

Start with your towels.  If they are stained, torn, worn or just plain old and scratchy - toss them.  Maybe it's time to replace them.  I have about 2 dozen towels for my kids' bathroom that I will be replacing over the course of the next few months as my budget permits.  These towels are about 15 years old and they're just threadbare and they've been laundered so many times...they're just NOT soft any more.   

Sheet sets you no longer have beds to fit can be laundered and given to charity.  If your local thrift store will not receive bedding, I assure you, your local homeless shelter will.  Same thing applies for your towels.  Bath mats that no longer fit your decor can be given to shelters or thrift stores.  These items are always welcome!  

Once your items are sorted and thinned out, begin restocking your linen closet keeping like items together.  If you have extra bath products stored in this area, try corralling them in a basket with a label.  A large basket in the bottom is also a great place to store extra toilet tissue. 

I love this idea:  Install towel bars on the inside of the closet door.  It's a great place to store your towels and you know they'll be at the ready when you need them!

Give yourself a pat on the back!  You've just accomplished a great task!  And it only took you about 30 minutes.

Don't forget to donate those items... getting them out of the house doesn't count for much if you only move them to the garage!

Only By His Grace,


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