Friday, January 11, 2013

Let's talk about those jeans...

You've tackled your linen closet. Today I want to focus on your clothes closet.  Come on, I know it's overwhelming, but conquer that feeling and look to the prize at the end of the journey!

First, let's talk about purging.  You are an expert at purging by now!  You know what to look for, how to talk to yourself openly and honestly about things.  And you know the feeling of accomplishment when you're done!

Did you know that experts say almost half of a closet and a third of every drawer is unworn items?  For many, clothing is a status symbol.  It symbolizes that we are still young, or still thin, or still trendy.  But what good is it, if it doesn't get worn?  If you find something in your closet you haven't even considered wearing in the last year, donate it to someone who will!

So, first, let's empty that closet!  As you pull out each piece of clothing, shoes or purses ask yourself the following questions:
1.  Have I worn this in the past 6 months? (pending seasonal)
2.  Does this fit?
3.  Do I like the way I look and feel when I wear this?
4.  Did I buy this just because it was on sale?

As you assess each piece, make two areas: a donate area, and a keep area.  The donate area can be a box, bin or bag.  Once an item goes into the donate area, it does not come back out!  

As you separate your keep area, place like items together: skirts with skirts, pants with pants, blouses with blouses, t-shirts with t-shirts, cardigans with cardigans, jackets and blazers with jackets and blazers.  If you hang your jeans, then make an area for that too.

Ready?  Whether your closet looks like this:
 or like this, doesn't matter at all!  It's the organization of the closet that makes your life so much easier!

I have tried many methods in the past.  The method I use currently is easiest for me:  skirts are hung with skirts, then pants with pants.  Next on the rod are blouses, then casual shirts like t-shirts, then cardigans, and lastly blazers and jackets.

Keeping everything together makes it easy to build an outfit and get out the door in a timely manner in the morning.

Why procrastinate?  Get started.  This task will take you about an hour, so set aside the time uninterrupted, or devote yourself to the task in 15 minute slots.

While you're in there, don't forget to dust your shelves and vacuum your floors.  You'll enjoy putting your organized things away more if you know it's clean and tidy!

Happy organizing!

Only By His Grace,


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