Thursday, January 24, 2013

Barbie Dream House???

Do you remember being a little girl and dreaming of owning the Barbie Dream House?  Maybe you had one...maybe your friend had one...  I always wanted a Barbie Dream House...

My Daughter, who is nearly 12 now, still loves her Barbies.  I don't mind... I loved mine at that age, too - although it was more about fashion and decorating their house than it was about playing with dolls...

Just like yesterday's post about Lego storage and organization, those Barbies come with a lot of accessories.  And the shoes!  Oh... I envy the shoes!

Being the frugal [cheap] mom that I am, I determined that I could give my daughter a Barbie dream house without spending hundreds of dollars...

Here's what we came up with:
First, I had a $15.00 shelf set unused in my storage room.

I used three of the four shelves and created this doll house:
She either made the furniture from boxes and scrap fabric, or she reused something we already had...As you can see one Barbie has a hammock made from a wire mesh drawer organizer.

So what about all those accessories?  Well, I picked up a three drawer bin at Wal-Mart for $8.00.  Come now, ladies...we have drawers for our clothing and accessories.  So should Barbie!

One drawer for Dolls:

One drawer for her clothes:

One drawer for her accessories:

Everyone is happier when we can find our things.  This includes your kiddos.  How can you help them organize their belongings today?

Think about bins for under-bed storage.  Many of the hanging sweater organizers are the perfect size to fit cloth organizer bins - you can use them in closets as additional drawers.  Encourage organization in your children now - and they will learn valuable lessons for their futures.

Only By His Grace,

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