Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Office re-arrange.

Do you have a home office?  Is it a separate room or a corner in the kitchen?  Either way, your office space needs organization.  I blogged about organizing your office space here.

My husband converted our fourth bedroom into his office.  This room is more of a bonus room than a bedroom, I doubt it would even hold a twin bed and a dresser.  It was a great spot for an office.

Still, there were a couple things that just didn't work.  

The desk was in the middle of the floor, leaving no room for the lounge chair in the corner.  The desk chair couldn't roll because of the area carpet.  The trash can was too far away, so trash ended up on the floor. 

We moved all the furniture out, and rearranged the rug and the furniture about five times before we came up with our final change.

One thing my husband wanted was to see out the window while he worked... here's why... this is the view from his office:  it is a beautiful view of a wooded area, and most days you can see ducks and geese swimming in the pond out back. 

We decided to angle the rug and place the desk in the corner near the closet.  We store books, paperwork, files, magazines and other office supplies access is central.   This one simple change also left room for the chair in the corner.  Where it was jammed against the desk before, it now has plenty of space for the ottoman.  Very nice change.

This photo isn't very good, we're shopping for new lighting, but you can see the arrangement as you walk in the door.

The view from the desk, you can still see out the window, and there is plenty of room for the chair.

The view from the lounge chair... You can see how the desk is near the storage closet (and the trash can :) )

Sometimes organization has less to do with the amount of stuff you have, and more to do with how you arrange it.

Only By His Grace,


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