Sunday, January 13, 2013

Room for all your necessities...

How are you doing with your own January Organize-a-thon? Are you following along?  Do you feel the clutter clearing from your home --- and from your head?  It's very therapeutic to get rid of all that junk, don't you think?

Today we're tackling the bathroom.  This process works for a small bathroom or a large master bathroom.  The process is the same no matter how much space you have, or how little space you have.

But first, here's a little bathroom eye candy.  This is such a lovely, peaceful, restful place.  Wouldn't you love this?

Here's what I love about it:  The peaceful green walls, the white trim, the pendant light (although I'd be tempted by a chandelier), the breadboard, the light accessories... ahhh.  But what I absolutely would die for is that hutch!  What a dream!

Now that you're inspired, let's get started.

Most people tell me they don't have storage in their bathroom.  First, before we make that statement, let's take a few minutes and assess what we have and what we need.

When I went through this little exercise in my own bathroom, here's what I found:  two toothbrushes and five tubes of toothpaste.  I had a whole bin full of facial creams and potions.  Under my sink were half-used bottles of lotions, shampoos, conditioners, bath supplies and other various items I hadn't used in over a year, and would never use again.

My first line of defense, as should yours be: a large trash bag and no holding back.  If you have shampoo that left your hair flat, lotions that gave you an itch, or toothpaste that just didn't do it's job, consider donating those items to the homeless shelter (maybe not the toothpaste).  These items can also be put in a guest bath (in pretty new containers) or in a kids' bathroom.

Once you've paired down to the actual necessities, decide where you actually NEED your supplies to be.  For my family, our tooth care supplies go in our top drawer.  The second drawer is for my makeup, and the bottom drawer is for my husband's shaving supplies (he doesn't shave everyday).

Where do you need your towels?  We store ours under one of our double sinks.  But it may be easier to store them in an attached closet, or maybe in an over the shower-door towel rack.  How about these examples?

This one hangs over an interior door or a shower door.

This little stylish number would be an easy solution, and attractive, too.  I think you would need multiples, though.

For a more traditional home, I love this idea!  It provides plenty of storage 
but keeps things in easy reach.

This is a very simple solution.  Sturdy hardware would be an absolute must, but I love
the ample storage these provide.

 This example is available through salon supply distributors, just check online.

This is great for extra hand towels and to keep washcloths in easy reach.

How about a series of floating shelves above a toilet?

If you have a designated storage closet in your bathroom, then organization is a must!  I like baskets for like items: toiletries and extra toilet tissue are easily stored in classic baskets or trendy bins that match your decor. This example is from

Once you've organized and de-cluttered, make sure to clean all your spaces before putting items back.  A quick wipe of drawers, under cabinets and shelves will insure that your items stay neat and tidy.  

I like to keep a small cleaning caddy close to my bathrooms, so I can do quick wipe ups as I go.  My caddy contains the following:  1 bottle of all purpose cleaner, 1 bottle of glass cleaner, 1 tub of disinfectant wipes, and 4 microfiber cloths.

I use the Get Clean line from Shaklee.  I use Basic H for everything including my mirrors, showers, floors and toilets.

Now that you have the tools to get the job done, why not start today!

Only By His Grace,


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