Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Stretch...

You're in the homestretch now.  You've been working really hard to get things out of the house, to tidy up cluttered areas, to purge your closets and maintain what you've already accomplished.  From the emails I've received touting  your successes - I'm so proud of each of you!

I know that there are areas we didn't even begin to cover in this series - the garage, the tool shed, the basement storage closet... those things generally go unseen, and are usually the biggest offenders, in my opinion.  However, it's also been my experience that each person's storage is his own beast to tame.  Therefore, I have purposefully chosen NOT to try to tackle those areas.  I've given you the tools you need to sort, purge and distribute accordingly - now it's up to you to take charge and tackle those areas.

So today, I want to talk to you about personal spaces.  More specifically, your purse and/or laptop bag.  Now, I must admit, I'm a big purse lover.  The bigger the purse, the more I love it.  But that usually gets me in trouble.  

I'm trying to pare down the size of my handbags and laptop bag as well.  Let me show you what I have so far... be warned, these photos are not pretty!

My Purses are usually this size:  This is my Kate Landry bag that I purchased for $10.  Yep, I had no idea what I was getting!  Score!  It's a lovely bag; lots of space, multiple pockets, snap closure.  Lovely!

However, it's REALLY large.  Let me show you the contents of this lovely bag.  Makeup, earphones, CD's wallet, cup cozy, paint samples, work ID tag, study guides from church, business check book... and junk...

This bag weighed in at 8.5 pounds.  That's a lot of weight to shoulder (no pun intended.)

I sifted through the contents and decided what I used on a daily basis.  These items got to stay - the other items found their rightful homes.

Here's the purse I downsized to and the items that I carry inside:  Hand lotion, hair spray, folding brush, lipstick and chap stick, cup cozy, id badge, wallet, makeup, a pen and a bag of propel packets (because I drink water all day long.)

It all fits neatly inside - and surprise, it still zips!

From This:

To This:

Now for my laptop bag.  This is my brown bucket bag.  I love it!  Short handles, deep pockets, even a padded pocket for an iPad or other tablet device.

Here's all the stuff that was inside:  I'm sure you'll get a good chuckle.  Laptop protective case, extra infrared mouse, Book, paper calendar, clorox wipes, yogi tea, lotion, salad dressing, more earphones, pens and pencils, fast flats and makeup.

I sorted and determined what I needed on a daily basis. Here's the bag I'm downsizing to.  Not much smaller, but more easily accessible.

What I kept was: lotion, makeup, book, clorox wipes, earphones and fast flats.  What I lost was my laptop protective case; this bag has a padded side area for my laptop.  SCORE!  

I'm very happy with my downsizing adventure.  My back and shoulders thank me, too!

Why have I showed you all this today?  Because I want you to see that the principles of organization can be applied to every aspect of your life!  What did I do here?  I emptied, I determined need, I purged and I downsized.  You can use these principles everywhere; desk drawers, linen closets, glove compartments, tool sheds, storage bins and purses.

What are you working on organizing today? 

Only By His Grace,


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