Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter blues... Caring for your skin

Do you suffer all winter long with dry skin?    Do you find yourself constantly applying lotions and potions to hands that always feel scratchy?  

Do your nails often snap off due to winter weather conditions?

What causes this?  Excessive hand and dish washing, nail polish removers, cold weather...

Great skin starts with great habits!

1.  Avoid excessive water.  Wearing gloves (for those who aren't allergic to rubber and latex products) is the first line of defense.  Skip antibacterial soaps - they're drying for your skin.

2. Be Gentle.  Wear gloves in cold weather.  Avoid using glue-on nails and gel nail polish - they dry out your nails and strip them of natural nutrients and splitting keratin fibers.

3. Keep your hands and nails lubricated.  Using the right products is essentials to keeping your hands and nails in good condition during those cold blustery months.  There are many over the counter products available, but for those who have skin allergies or are sensitive to common chemicals, a better choice is an all natural, non-toxic, organic product.  Keep reading, I'll tell you more.

4.  Give your body the vitamins it craves.  Taking an essential vitamins is central to your body's overall health.  But did you also know that your nails are the number one example of a body that lacks the vitamins and minerals it needs?

Vitalizer vitamins give your body all it needs to keep you on the road to health.  But they also contain specific complexes targeted just to your hair and nails.

I have been taking these vitamins for a while now, and I must tell you, my nails have gone from weak and flimsy to strong and healthy.  And my hair dresser cannot believe how fast my hair is growing!  She's thrilled -- and so am I!

For topical use, two products I highly recommend are Enfuselle Hand and Body Cream and Enfuselle Spa Shea Butter Cream.

First, Enfuselle hand and body lotion gives your skin an Instant Moisture Infusion.  When you apply this luxurious hand and body lotion you immediately nourish your skin with a lightweight, non-greasy, intensely moisturizing lotion.  It's clinically proven to provide an instant moisture surge and continued release for up to six hours.  As a bonus, this hand and body lotion provides a botanical prebiotic that creates a healthy environment on the skin to strengthen it's natural protective system.  No need for those drying, skin-damaging antibacterial gels and soaps.

Second, Enfuselle Spa Shea Butter Cream pampers your skin.  Luxurious Shea Butter is extracted from the fruit of the Shea tree, and has amazing moisturizing properties.  This Shea Butter Cream has a wonderful consistency and soaks deep into your skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.  Vitamin E has been added for extra skin nourishment for hands and body.  Added bonus?  I used Shea Butter Cream during both of my pregnancies and I don't have a single stretch mark!  

If you suffer from dry, cracked and bleeding skin or broken, brittle nails, contact me.  I'd love to hear your story and see if we can find a solution.  I KNOW the difference these products can make.  I'd love to tell you more.

Only By His Grace,

Billie Ross

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