Friday, November 2, 2012

Company's Coming:...Don't forget the little things

This month, we've been talking about the task lists we create to prep our homes for guests' arrival for the holidays.

We are only a few short weeks until company starts rolling in, and I've recently thought of a few more things I will be checking before the big day.

1.  Light bulbs: Lighting can make a room feel stark or cozy. One burned-out bulb can ruin the the mood of a beautiful room.  Check all the bulbs in your lamps, your recessed lighting, and your chandeliers.  Check to be sure all the bulbs in your bathrooms are functioning.   Keep a running list and the next time you're out and about running errands, pick up the needed bulbs and keep your home beautiful and bright.

2.  Tags: I love throw pillows and throws on my sofa.  I think they make a home feel cozy, relaxing and welcoming to family and friends.  Make sure you cut off those hideous tags when you bring your pillows home or fluff them before company arrives.  Unless your guests like to launder pillows, there's no need for them to have washing instructions.
3.  Toilet Tissue: Nothing is more embarrassing then running out of toilet tissue when you have guests.  It's embarrassing for you as the host, and it's embarrassing for the guest to have to request more.  One quick remedy is to put an extra roll or two in a decorative basket in the bathroom.  It's there if needed, and if not, can be stored when folks leave.

4. Book shelves: Take a little extra time to dust your bookshelves.  As you do, review the covers on your reading materials so as to remove any book that might prove offensive to guests.  Political titles, religious titles and romance novels are all hot topics when it comes to discussions.  So it's best to avoid the situation and stash your books in a drawer or closet.  You can always put them back later.

Just a few more things to think about as you prep your home for guests.

Only By His Grace,


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