Monday, November 12, 2012

Company's Coming...Part 6

Extra coat storage can be confusing at our house.

Although I would love to have a coat closet that looked like this:

I may or may  not achieve that task by the time company arrives.

My next best plan looks a little more like this - and costs me absolutely nothing:

Although I don't have hooks installed near my front door, I do have hooks installed near my back door. If guests enter through my back door, they can hang their coat as soon as they arrive. 

But what about the front entry, where MOST of my guests will be entering?

However, I don't want to install hooks on the wall in my front hallway.  It's too narrow, and I want to avoid the clutter.  But for a couple days a year, this would be a great option.

So here's what I use:  A simple, over the door coat rack that I can put up and take down when needed.
As you enter my front door, we have a "formal living room" to the left.  Oh, we don't use it as that, it's more just an extra room with the piano in it... but it does have french doors, and this makes an excellent place for guests to hang their coats.

I also put down an area rug on the carpeting of the floor, so if guests have wet shoes or muddy boots, they have a place to take them off and not worry about where to put them.

It really does solve my problem of extra coat storage.  I can put it up and take it down as needed.

I'm really hoping to pick up some wall paper for my coat closet though... I have closet envy, I'm afraid, and may not be able to rest until my coat closet looks like the ones above..

Only By His Grace,


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