Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays!

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, the average American does not gain 7-10 pounds during the holidays, as is widely reported.  It is more like less than 1 pound.  The news gets worse for overweight people.  A Tufts University study reports that they're likely to gain 5 unwanted pounds.  Follow these tips to ensure that the holidays are about celebration, and not weight gain.

Ho, ho, H2O!  Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go and drink it throughout the day.  Water fills your stomach and reduces feelings of hunger!  Drink your fill before going to dinner or a party and you will probably eat less.

Avoid the break room!  People snake more when they see goodies, so avoid the areas in your office where well-meaning co-workers leave sweets.  Instead, at break time, take a brisk 5 minute walk and fill up on healthy portable snacks like veggies or nuts.

Choose the small plate: Research shows that people tend to eat whatever the put on their plates.  If you hit the buffet line with a large plate, odds are you'll fill it up.  Instead, take the smallest plate possible.  If you're still hungry, you can make a return trip.  Odds are, you'll be full after one plate.

Take a walk: One of the simplest ways to prevent holiday weight gain is to exercise every day.  Unless weather is terrible, find reasons to walk daily.  Park in the space farthest from the shopping center.  Walk to the mail box on the NEXT block.  Take your puppy to the park instead of just around your neighborhood.  Getting a few extra steps in could mean keeping off a few extra pounds.

Cinch 3 in 1 Boost: These all natural supplements boost metabolism, help keep blood sugar steady, help you get the vitamins and minerals you need.  Can these ingredients solve all your problems?  Not really, but they can solve three of them. 

Let's make smart choices this holiday season,

Only By His Grace,


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