Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A "simply" amazing gift...

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was probably one of the simplest, least expensive, but most thoughtful.  I don't have an exact photo of the gift because it was nearly 18 years ago, but I can show you some similar ideas I've found online that come pretty darn close.

Imagine if you will one red taper candle tied with a plaid Christmas ribbon - not a bow, just a single ribbon tied in a small knot -- a single brown craft paper tag attached with the following poem printed on the tag:

"Little candle red and stately 
with your softly glowing light,
bring thoughts of joy and gladness
for my friend, this very night.

This is one of a pair of candles
the other I am keeping here.
The light that burns will bridge the distance 
and keep our hearts ever near.

So light your candle on Christmas Eve
and I will light mine, too.
Though thoughts or miles divide us,
I will keep my watch with you."

I loved that gift for years and years, and duplicated it numerous times.  This year, wouldn't it be wonderful to send this simple blessing to your distant family, your neighbors down the block, or to a lonely widow spending her first Christmas alone?

Here are some simple ideas of how you can recreate this inexpensive, but thoughtful gift to share with those closest to you.  (By the way, they make great anonymous gifts to leave on co-workers desks... just remember to leave one on your desk, too so you won't look suspicious.)

Make sure your candles are red or the poem won't make sense, but this pretty ecru colored cloth is gorgeous.  Wrapping the candles 
in an old book page first would be neat, too.

This pretty gingham ribbon is festive. Add a paper tag or an ornament and this would be an amazing surprise to leave for a neighbor. Who needs all those cookies anyway?

Jar candles can be inexpensive.  Tie them with festive Christmas ribbon, some twine and a jingle bell?  Who wouldn't love that?

A simple tiny pine cone and a bow with the poem attached...Type that poem and print it on brown craft paper and you have a gift that is sure to melt the coldest of hearts.

Anyone can bake cookies... but remembering a neighbor or 
co-worker by lighting a candle?  That's a great feeling...

Only By His Grace,


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