Sunday, November 11, 2012

Santa Claus is coming...

Just thought with all the Thanksgiving talk going on around here the last few days, prepping your supplies, cleaning your house, organizing your guest rooms... I thought I'd remind you of a few Christmas items I have up.  I also wanted to remind you that you can add Christmas to the tiniest areas of your house, and do it on a small budget.

Remember, I started decorating November 3rd.  These items have been out for us since early last week.  We love it.  My kiddos love it, my neighbors think I'm crazy, my husband tolerates it :)  

Here are a few more items I wanted to show you.  

The Powder Room

The powder room on the main floor gets a small tree, a "peace" plaque, and a cute little mouse with a Merry Christmas sign.  The tree was a $3.00 tree I added some red gross grain ribbon, a few brass jingle bells (that I bought a dozen for $1.00), and some raffia.  The Peace sign came from The Dollar Tree, and the Mouse was a white elephant gift.  Total?  $4.00

Kayla's Christmas Tree:

 Kayla's room has a defined beach theme; taupe walls, sand colored carpet, teal curtains...  Her tree, however, is NOT beach themed.  Kayla has some very special ornaments.  She likes all kinds,
but her favorites this year are birds.

The Christmas Tree itself was a $20.oo I bought at a yard sale.  Many of the ornaments have been collected over the years, or made by Kayla herself.  This year, I gave Kayla a small budget and she went and bought her bird ornaments.  This tree, was under $30.00 total.

Our Living Room Entertainment Center:

These are my Santas.  I have been collecting them for the pastfew years.  The first one was given to me by my sister.  I've had him for several years.  The others I've picked up here and there...The one thing I am adamant about... they must not cost more than $12.00.  Most of them I pick up 2nd hand...  I look forward to putting out my Santas each year.  

I hope you see the simple decorations I have added to areas of my house.  I also hope you see that you can add extra Holiday touches to your home without breaking the bank.

Are you adding Christmas touches yet?  Are you thinking about what you'll be doing this year?  Let me know what you're looking forward to!

Only By His Grace,


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