Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Thanksgiving project...

How are your Thanksgiving preparations coming?  Our preparations are coming together.   A few days ago I posted about preparing for the little ones that will be joining you for your holiday.  

Here are how our projects are coming.  When putting together these ideas, I had in mind lazy days after my son's surgery.  That's exactly what we had.  Together we sat at the table cutting out shapes, gluing them together, and deciding on printables...

Wanna see our projects?

Here are the little owl crayon cups.  They don't scream Thanksgiving, but they're really cute... and it kept us occupied for about 45 minutes or more.  I'll take it!  We just drew out our shapes, cut them out, and then glued them together.  When we were done, we glued them to a clear plastic up, and filled them with crayons.

These are our place cards.  We just found some artwork online, copied and pasted it into a doc and then printed out a few.  We will color the acorns and oak leaves.  Then we'll cut them out, and our place cards will be done.  

We probably won't use them as  place cards, we like people to sit where they like.  But I think maybe we'll use them as food markers for our buffet.  

Want a little more inspiration?  Here are a few cutie-patutie things I found online...

1) These would be super cute if you're inviting a group of people that may not all know each other.  You could tweak them to use as name tags.

2) Here's the inspiration to our little crayon cups.  These are super-cute.  I just didn't have the time or patience to make them as they are.  Sometimes you just have to take the inspiration and make it fit your needs.

3.) These are the inspiration for our name plates.  These are super cute.  If you have a handy-dandy scrapbook cutting thingy machine you could make these super fast!

How are your projects coming?  Are you getting inspired?  Keep up the good work.  Let me know what you're working on!  I can't wait to see your projects :)

Only By His Grace,


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