Friday, November 16, 2012

In honor of creativity...

At the beginning of the month, my son has his tonsils removed.  While we were waiting at the surgical center for Austin to come out from under anesthesia... I glanced across the hallway and saw something that really made me say, "WOW!  That's really clever!"

What I'm about to show you is at a surgical center!  When I asked the head nurse if I could take a picture and post it to my blog, she was amazed that I found it this clever.  

So many of us find it difficult to sort, organize and declutter.  But this just goes to show you, a little creativity and thinking outside of the box can really give you worlds of organized storage space!

If you're struggling with where to put things and how to keep everything sorted, maybe this will encourage you and inspire you to see things differently.

Are you ready for this?  This is how the nurses and hospital staff keep their rubber gloves, syringes, bandages and other necessary items close at hand.

Absolutely fantastic!  If hospitals can think outside the box, so can you!  Go for it!  You never know what you might find that works for your needs!

Only By His Grace,


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