Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree(s)... Oh Christmas Tree(s)...

Since I've been home with Austin recuperating from his surgery last week, I decided to take the opportunity to get started on my Christmas decor.  So far I have put up 

  • four 6 ft trees
  • 1 5 ft tree
  • 2 4 ft trees
  • 2 table top trees
  • 9 Santas
  • 2 wreaths
  • decorated the baker's rack
  • and decorated the entry

I still have Austin's tree to put up (probably tonight) decorate the mantle, put out the nativities, hang the stockings and put out a few more table top trees.  That doesn't include whatever else I might find I want to decorate...  Some of that will wait until after Thanksgiving.  We always put up a large live tree in the live tree in the living room the day after Thanksgiving, that's when we'll hang the stockings and decorate the mantle.  I'll show you all that later on.

Please don't think that what you're about to see are florist shop quality trees.  I'm a frugal girl.  My trees are the cheap-o trees from Wal-Mart.  They cost me approximately $20 each.  Most of the decorations have been accumulated over the 21 years of marriage, or purchased at the Dollar Tree 2 for a dollar.  I just wanted you to see that you can decorate your house well, without draining the bank.

By the way, my Santas were all purchased 2nd hand - the most expensive one so far has been $12.  But you'll have to wait to meet them...

Here are some pictures so far.   I hope you enjoy.  Today I'm sharing with you...

My dining room tree:

I love putting my artificial trees in a basket.  It totally hides those ugly plastic and metal stands, and it just
 adds another level of texture.

This is just a $2.00 ornament from Wal-mart, I just jazzed it up with several layers of ribbon.  

I found these felt mittens 8 to a package for $4.00 at an antique store.  We used 6 of them for teacher gifts, and I got to keep two for myself.  YAY!

This isn't a topper, it's four "sugared fruits" floral pics.  I bought them at the Dollar Tree 2 for $1.00.  I've used them for several years.  Some years I bend the stems and use them
for napkin rings.  This year they get to be the topper.

My sweet friend knows I'm a sucker for Starbucks.  She moved away a couple years ago, but this ornament keeps her close in my heart every year.  I miss her bunches...

These are just simple ornaments, but I love the way the red and the gold look together on a green tree.  And I love the little red berries you see in the back, there... They just add so much life to this $20.00 tree.

My Front Entry:

I created this ensemble by clipping an 8ft garland into 2 pieces with wire cutters.  I wrapped it around my banister, tied a bow from red berry ribbon and red satin ribbon, added a gold glitter star ornament (from The Dollar Tree) for sparkle.

 Here's the other side... 
You can see the Dining room tree in the background.

Here's the whole look.  
First thing you see as you walk in the door.

On the long wall in my entry hall way hangs a black mirror and 2 sconces.  They're usually left plain.  But for Christmas I added a red berry wreath (purchased 2nd hand for $3.00) tied with a white satin ribbon and another gold glitter star. 

 The two sconces got a white velvet ribbon and red and gold glitter ornaments.  I bought the best flicker candles.  They are the battery kind that look so very real.  But the best part is, when the wax heats up from the bulb, they actually smell like french vanilla candles :)

Here's the close up of that $3.00 wreath.

My front "living" room: 

 Here's another example of putting my trees in a basket.  
I really like this look, a lot!  I think maybe this year I'll hide presents in there from prying eyes :)

I don't use a lot of toppers.  I like each tree to be distinct and different.  This blue themed tree got two little blue birds.
Aren't they just the sweetest things?

 Every tree needs a little "sparkle"

 This picture came out a little blurry, but this is a ceramic Thomas Kinkaid ornament, with the word "peace" above it.

I love to use gross grain ribbon to hang my ornaments.  It adds color and texture, and I never lose those little wire hangers :)

Here's a sweet blue and red snowman.  It looks like 
one of those expensive ones, but it's not.  
I bought them 2 for $1.00 at The Dollar Tree.

Last but not least, my balsam wreath tied with a blue and red plaid bow.  I added in the red cardinal.  I bought this wreath 2nd hand, as well.  Guess how much I paid for this one, bow and all?  Go ahead.  Guess!  $4.50!  

So this is the area you see first as you enter our house.  The entry way, the dining room to the right, and the living room to the left.  At night you can see our Christmas trees a glow from the street.... I love that.

Except today we looked a little confused with our Halloween pumpkins, skulls and ghosts out front, and Christmas inside.  I put away all the Halloween... Now it's just Christmas-y :)  

Hope you all enjoyed.  Have you started decorating, yet?

Only By His Grace,


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