Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween dinner ideas

Every year I make a fun Halloween dinner.  Last year I made homemade vegetable beef soup and told my kids it was Goblin Stew.

The year before that I made chicken wings -- and told them it was bat wings.  

Tee Hee.  It's always fun!

This year, I have a few fun things planned as well.

These banana ghosts are fun with chocolate chip eyes and a mouth.  Clementine pumpkins with celery stems are a healthy treat as well.

This year, I think I'll make a few hot dog mummies as well. 

Anything that makes your normal dinner a little fun or creepy will do.

How about a pot roast, or beef stew.  Call it munchkin meat with mashed potato ghosts. Just whip up your potatoes a little stiffer than normal and pipe them out with a pastry bag.

What will you be serving for Halloween dinner?

Only By His Grace,


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