Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Enough Fall Cleaning...

Every now and then you just have everything in order.  Then life happens and you wake up and things are in need of a little attention.

That's the way it is with my pantry.  I organize it, I clean it, I stock it.  And for that one little moment, I'm happy.  Then, my family "helps" me in the kitchen.  Then, I forget to close the box of pasta (oops.)  Then, the bag of cookies falls of the shelf and crumbles all over the floor.

Oh, I know these things never happen to you...but they happen to me All. The. Time!


Today's challenge: The pantry and fridge
I really do love an organized pantry.  All of my soups are together, the pasta is together, the bread is in the bread basket, etc, etc.  It makes dinner a snap.

Today, let's start by emptying out the pantry.  Maybe you don't have a designated pantry, but rather, you store your pantry items in your kitchen cupboards.  That's great, too!  The best place to start is with a clean slate.

1.)  Empty your pantry / cupboard / food storage area.

2.)  Wipe down all shelves with warm soapy water and a good sponge.

3.)  Next, replace items in the order you of frequent use.  No reason to put the zesty salty pickles up front if you only use them once or twice a year.  

4.)  Replace like items together: soups with soups, pastas with pastas, cereals with cereals.  You get the picture.

5.)  Remember to check expiration dates.  We have no need for last year's ramen noodles!

Once you've finished your pantry, take a go at the refrigerator.  Same principle, only colder.

See you back tomorrow, where we'll be working again in our kitchens!

Only By His Grace,


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