Friday, October 11, 2013

Simple five

At one time or another, we've all had these little dandies in our accessory stash.  Here's a simple and handy idea I'm sure you'll love.

If you have an avid reader on your gift-giving list, this would make that book purchase extra special!

Bobby pins are great for keeping stray hairs in place.  They are also great for marking the pages in a book.  

The first time I ran upon this idea was through RealSimple.  But upon further investigation I found some exceptionally cute ideas that would be really fun to share with friends - or your librarian.

If you're a crafter, get your thinking caps on.  You're gonna love this!

Store bought options work great right out of the package.

Vintage, one of kind buttons epoxied on are an extra special touch.

If you create hand made goods, such as crochet or felted flowers or butterflies, these are precious as bookmarks.

Just think of all those sea shells you collected at the beach last summer.  Have a few faux pearls lying around?  This is a great way to remember your days at the beach.

Hope you enjoyed the idea.

Only By His Grace,


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