Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Enough Fall Cleaning...

As much as I love cleaning my house, there are a few tasks that I hate.  I love the finished product, but I hate the process.
One particular task is bathrooms.  

One thing I love about seasonal cleaning is the completed task.  Who doesn't want their bathroom to be as sparkly as this?

Cleaning a bathroom takes time - and a little elbow grease.  
Here is what a "good enough" clean bathroom looks like:

Today's challenge: Bathrooms

1. Start with mirrors.  No spots, no water marks.  Get them sparkly clean.

2. Showers and tubs.  Spray walls, scrub tub rings, wipe off those faucets.

3. Sinks and vanities.  Make sure there is no hairspray buildup, toothpaste residue or other gunk.  Wipe down the doors and drawer fronts.  Tidy up the contents under the sink, disposing of any out-dated items.

4.  Clean that toilet til it shines.  Using a good toilet brush will make quick work of this unpleasant task.  Clean under the rim, scrub any water marks and stains with good cleaner.  There are many on the market.  One for just about any task you need.  Don't forget to wipe down the outside, top, tank, bowl and base.

5. Restock fresh towels, empty trash, restock toilet tissue supply.

6.  Sweep floor, mop the floor, wipe down baseboards.

7.  Finish it out with clean bath mats, hand towels and soap dispensers and you're done.

Go get 'em.  You can do it!

Only By His Grace,


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