Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Enough Fall Cleaning...

Yesterday we tackled those grimy ceiling fans and light fixtures.  We also evicted the dust bunnies living on our lampshades.  This "good enough" fall cleaning chore should have taken you about a half hour to complete depending on how many fans, light fixtures and lampshades you had to tackle.

Today's challenge is our walls! 
I can remember back to my childhood when my mother would actually wash our walls - each room got the walls washed and dried, top to bottom, by hand.  It was a chore I hated, and found useless even then.  I mean, dusty, yes, but how dirty can the whole wall get?  Still, even now, it baffles me.

Today's chore is pretty simple as we work our way top to bottom through our rooms.  I encourage you to inspect the walls in each of your rooms.  Grab a broom, wrap the bristle part with microfiber cloth and go searching for corner cobwebs.  Check your ceilings, the corners and near the baseboards.  When you find cobwebs, get them down.  It only takes a minute.

Then, have a bottle of all-purpose cleaner and another microfiber cloth.  Look for any smudges, finger prints, crayon marks and scuffs.  Spray them and wipe them off.

Depending on if you have children, and how many little people you have living in your home this may be a quick task or a lengthy one.  I have found that little people like to wipe off those finger prints almost as much as they like putting them on there to begin with.  Enlist a little help when you need it.

Remember, good enough, is good enough.

Only By His Grace,


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