Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good Enough Fall Cleaning...

Relentless.  Sometimes you just have to be relentless about specific areas of your life.  Exercise, nutrition, closets.  Wait, what?

I used to just hang up my clothes in any manner, any way, any how.  No organization whatsoever.  In fact, at one point in my life, I don't think I even really hung my clothes up at all.  They just kind of laid there in the floor until they needed to be laundered again.

But not now!  Now I have a system.  Now I have organization.  In fact, I have organization inside of organization.

Let me explain as we walk through today's Good Enough Fall Cleaning challenge.

Ok, so my closet doesn't look like this.  Boy I wish it did.  No, I have more than white and blue shirts and brown and khaki dresses.  Thank heavens!

Nor does my closet look like this.  This would make me criminally insane every morning!  Although, I like the color coordinating.

One thing my closet does have, is something like this.  Only I have 5 of them, and they each hold 10 pairs of shoes.  Don't judge me!

Today's challenge: closets

Much like your pantry and refrigerator, emptying your closet is an excellent place to start.  HOWEVER... if you're wanting to do this a little more quickly, just leave your things where they are, and space them out a little bit.  

1.)  Begin by sorting like items together.  Pants together, skirts together, blouses together, cardigans together, jackets together, t-shirts and casual shirts together, dresses together.

As you begin moving your items from their current location to their new location on the clothing bar, really think about each item. 
   When did you wear this last?  
   Does it still fit?  
   Do you love it?  
   Does it need altered or repaired?  

If you find that you still love these items, they still fit, and are in good wearable condition, place them where they belong - with other like items.

2.)  Sort and purge the rest.  If clothing items are too small, too big, too old, to worn out, or you just plain don't wear them, think about what to do with them.  Box them up and donate them to a clothing closet, give them to a neighbor, pass them on to a friend - well, the good ones, at least :)

3.)  Organize shoes and purses, belts and scarves.  I keep fabric bins on the top shelf of my closet.  One for scarves, one for belts.  I keep hanging organizers for my shoes, and I keep my handbags in large baskets underneath my hanging dresses.  Everything fits together like a puzzle.

This process can be repeated for children's closets, linen closets and coat closets.  The process is a simple one.

1. Sort and store like items together.
2. Purge unneeded items
3. Donate what you no longer want.

Get going.  It shouldn't take too long!

Only By His Grace,


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