Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Enough Fall Cleaning...

Today is the last day of the series.  I know we haven't talked about cleaning up outdoors, making repairs, or cleaning appliances, but this is the Good Enough Fall Cleaning Series. 

Just as we started several days back with lighting and ceiling fans, we are going to end our series with flooring.

Today's challenge: flooring and baseboards
I find my floors relatively easy to maintain...most of the time.  We still have areas of our home that need new carpet, those areas are NOT easy to maintain and to be honest, drive me a bit bonkers.

Those areas have white berber carpet, builder grade, and did I mention that our house was a rental at one time?  yeah.  Can you say "stains?"  Can you say "grime?"  Can you say "IMPOSSIBLE to clean?"  I do the best I can and tell myself I cleaned it...even if it doesn't look clean.

So today, we are working our floors.

1) Your best friend is your vacuum.  Vacuums work great on most types of flooring.  I use mine on hardwood, carpet and vinyl.  Give your house a good vacuuming - get under beds, move the furniture if possible.  

2) Remember to vacuum around the baseboards.  While you're at it, vacuum the baseboards too.

3)  Mop your vinyl, and clean your hardwood.

4) Finally, with a damp microfiber cloth and all purpose cleaner, go around and wipe off the baseboards.  You'll see an immediate difference.

5)  If you are so inclined, spot clean any areas of your carpets that are showing wear.  Traffic areas are not terribly hard to clean, just be sure you check your cleaner.  Some carpets are specific to what types of cleaner you use!

This should take you a little time depending on how much square footage you have, but boy it's sure worth it!

How do you feel?  Have you followed along?  
Did you complete each challenge or pick and choose the ones you wanted?

Fall cleaning isn't a terrible task when you tell yourself that sometimes "good enough is good enough!"

Only By His Grace,


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