Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simple four

It happens to us all.  We walk to the mailbox to get a sweet card or letter from a friend only to be met with bills, bills and more bills.  Occasionally there is a sale circular, which I've decided to categorize as an invitation from a friend to come for a visit.  

Then, there are those days when you receive a bundle...a small white envelope full of personalized return labels especially for you.

Only...they are requesting you make a donation to a very special "Save the Cows."

You could toss those babies in the recycle bin.  I never use them for my mail - especially if I am not so inclined to make a donation to the save the cows foundation.  But they're sometimes so darn cute, I hate to toss them aside.  I mean, they were created just for me.

So here's a great way to use all those tiny tags.

You can use those return labels in books or magazines you loan out or share with friends and family members.  They will know to whom the book should be returned when they have finished enjoying its contents.

It's as easy as that!

Only By His Grace,


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