Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Simple three

From time to time, or multiple times, we all find ourselves with dry, cracked hands.  All manner of things can cause our hands to dry and eventually become rough and cracked.  This not only is unfavorable, but can also be uncomfortable.  We women want our hands to be soft, after all.

One thing I've found that will really help those dry cracked hands is to apply a good quality hand lotion before I do any household cleaning chores, but especially before I hand wash dishes.

Just apply your favorite quality hand lotion as normal.  Rub in a generous amount. 

Next, slide on a pair of rubber gloves (or regular latex gloves if it's all you have) before you begin to wash dishes.

The heat from the dish water will heat up the hand lotion causing it to be more easily absorbed.  The rubber gloves will hold in moisture while your hands get the TLC they desire, all while keeping out hard detergents and the affects of the hot water.

Give it a try.  You'll see the difference right away!

Only By His Grace,


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