Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Men really want...

Okay friends.  I'm going to share a super-duper secret list with you today.

I polled a group of men, real men that I know personally, and asked them what they really would like to find in their Christmas stockings. 

You'll be surprised at some of their answers, I think.  So if you still have shopping left to do, you might want to think about some of these options.  Trust me, they don't want socks and soap on a rope...

Here's what these men had to say:

Man #1 said:
Homemade gift certificates for lots of little things; you can be inventive like:
     He gets to pick the movie
     Dinner at his favorite restaurant
     The Dinner of his choice at home
     Homemade dessert of his choice at home
     A day of computer gaming
     A day of golf

Man #2 said:
Amazon gift cards
Sear gift cards 
Tickets to the superbowl
Tickets for final four
Gift Certificates to Restaurants or for car detailing

Man #3 said:
My favorite candy bars in my stocking
Star Wars related items, like last year, she put a small toy light saber filled with candy in it.  

Man #4 said: 
Small flashlight (with extra batteries) to throw in my backpack
Several Tins o' Mints
Small office playtoy that's shiny and/or noisy

So there you have it.  Gifts and stocking stuffers that men really want.

Good luck on your last minute shopping!

Only By His Grace,


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