Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saving money and time...

Wow!  Some things are so simple they completely slip past me; like this tip I'm sharing today.  

This is so simple and common sensical that I'm sure many of you already know this tip.  But in this world of couponing binders and storage rooms of bought-in-bulk sale items, this one may be an idea that needs re-visiting.

Let me explain.  I used to be a couponing queen.  I was one of those people you see at the grocery with 15 boxes of Wheaties that I was getting for $0.15 per box.  Oh, I would store them in the closet or the garage shelves and I would keep track of my expiration dates and rotate my stock.  I even got money back once for a shopping trip.  

Eventually, we moved into another house with less storage my kids got bigger and the whole couponing rush just wasn't exciting for me anymore. 

Now I have taken a 180 degree turn.  In fact, the idea behind my purchases is simple.  I only buy what I need, when I need it.  That's right.  No more bulk purchases.  No more shampoo for $.05 a bottle.  

Oh, I still buy my items when they are on sale - when it's possible.  There are times when I still pay full price.  Yes, I saved a few dollars couponing, but now I am saving more than money.  

  • I have the space I was using to store these extra items. 
  • I have the time I was spending to keep track of expiration dates.  
  • I have the time I was spending clipping and organizing coupons, price matching and watching sale ads.

I have a peace of mind about my shopping trips now. I know that what I am purchasing I am actually using.  I know what I need when I need it, and when I need it I add it to my shopping list and buy it.  Sometimes on sale, sometimes not.  But it's okay.

By the way, I'm out of Listerine. I'll pick it up next time I'm at the store.  

Only By His Grace,


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