Friday, December 14, 2012

I love me some Chai...

What's your favorite winter-time drink? 

I love Starbucks.  Did you know that?  I do.  But my dear goodness it's expensive!  My favorite drink is a Grande Chai Tea Latte.  That runs me a little over $4.00.  

Recently, I discovered our Trader Joe's.  I have a feeling our budget may suffer from this recent discovery :)  But in the long run, I hope to save us money!  I have discovered Trader Joe's Chai Tea Latte drink mix.  It runs me approximately $3.89 - and makes approximately 8 servings!  That's quite a cost savings, don't you think?

Oh, if I'm at the mall Christmas shopping and want a latte, I'll still splurge.  But for the most part I've been waiting until I get home and making it myself.

I think I'll have one now... 

Only By His Grace,


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