Sunday, December 16, 2012

Attention Fella's: This one's for you! What women really want...

Recently I did a post on What Men Really Want in their Christmas stockings...  After speaking to some friends about that post, they requested for me to write a follow-up about What Women Really Want in their Christmas stockings...

Here are a few of their answers.  Some are surprising, some not so much.  But if you have men in your life who are waiting until December 23 to shop, post this on your facebook wall, forward in email, or share this link.  I'm sure they'll find some helpful hints.

Female Friend #1:  Time!  I would love coupons for a bubble bath, uninterrupted by tiny hands knocking on the bathroom door.  Coupons for quiet time to read, catch up on my blogs or give myself a manicure.  Time would be the best gift...

Female Friend #2:  Gift Cards.  I'm trying to lose weight and would really like a few new clothes.  I'm not sure what size I'll be after Christmas and would like to wait for sales - so gift cards to my favorite clothing store would be very nice.

Female Friend #3:  I would really like a date night.  I don't want to have to make the child care arrangements, dinner reservations or decide what to do.  I just want a date night with my husband -- even one at home watching a movie would be fantastic.

Female Friend #4:  I'm a practical girl, I guess.  The things that excite me are simple: fuzzy socks, lotion, Starbucks gift cards.  My favorite stocking stuffers are the simple things I can use everyday - consumable things - that will remind me of [my husband] when I use them.

Female Friend #5:  I have a set of twins and a five-year-old.  What I would really love are coupons for help with household chores.  If he doesn't want to help with the chores, taking the kids out for an hour or so would be great, too.  

And now for my own wish list:  Here are the things I would like to find in my stocking... funny how these things don't resemble the "Santa Baby" song, at all...

  • warm socks
  • great hand cream - I like the Shaklee line with Shea butter
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • a mini LED flashlight for my purse - red is my favorite color
  • mints and gum
  • Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm
  • I like coupons for car detailing, movie rentals and help with household tasks.
  • I also like to be surprised...

There you have it folks.  If you're still shopping around for a few stocking stuffers, you have some pretty great options here.  A lot of these are homemade gift certificates and coupons -- that's not hard to do at all :)

Ladies, if you'd like to chime in, post a comment.  Get your two scents in while you still have time :)

Only By His Grace,


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